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Minor Surgery 

Minor Surgery
Taping a shoulder wound

List of Procedures

  • Allergy testing and shots (serum must be provided by your allergist)

  • Aspiration/incision of abscesses or cysts

  • Biopsy of skin lesions and moles

  • Burn treatment

  • Cryotherapy

  • Destruction of skin lesions

  • EKG testing and interpretation

  • Excision of moles for cosmetic or medical reasons

  • Hemorrhoid excision

  • Injection of medication

  • Injection of joints

  • Removal of ear wax

  • Removal of foreign bodies from ear, nose or skin

  • Skin biopsies

  • Shaving of corns or calluses

  • Spirometry

  • TB testing

  • Vaccine administration

  • Venipuncture blood testing

  • Wound repair (stitches)

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