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Family Practice Services Offered

General Medicine

Includes the evaluation and treatment of illness, physical and mental conditions.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Women's Healthcare

Includes routine gynecologic exams, pap testing, contraception, cancer screening and prevention, and treatment of common gynecologic problems

Super Health Food

Includes weight loss and weight management expertise, and care in the prevention or management of chronic diseases affected by nutrition

Little Boy Playing Doctor

Includes care for Infants, Children & Adolescents

Sports Medicine

Includes the diagnosis and treatment of sports/activity related conditions including sprains, strains, and contusions

Taping a shoulder wound
Minor Surgrey

For a list of procedures performed click read more

Taking blood pressue
Preventative Medicine

Includes advanced lipid testing, heart-attack prevention and stroke prevention

Blood Samples

We have on-site laboratory services as well as specimen collection and delivery to reference laboratories

Doctor Checking a Form
Same Day Appointments

Includes evaluation and treatment of acute illness, sports injuries, burns and wounds

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